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The Amp Preserver Story

Hand machined and assembled in USA

The Amp Preserver allows you to adjust the line voltage that you use to run your amplifier.  It connects between your power line and your amplifier and gives you three output voltages that are switch selectable:  Full Line Voltage, Voltage down by 6 volts, or Voltage down by 12 volts.  A convenient analog voltmeter shows you exactly the voltage that your amplifier is receiving.

Amp Preserver uses a widely published circuit based on basic electronics theory to effectively reduce the AC voltage that your amplifier receives.  The circuit is printed in numerous physics textbooks and amateur radio handbooks.  It is 100% safe and will not harm your amplifier in any way.

The Amp Preserver is built with top quality parts and is fully fused and grounded.  It is an experimental device and should be treated as such.  Vintage Sound Workbench, Inc. assumes no liability for improper use or misuse of the device.  With proper care it will provide years of dependable service in preserving the vintage electronics we all know and appreciate.


Restore that vintage tone today with the Amp Preserver

 Each Amp Preserver is custom made when an order is received.  All metalwork, punching, drilling, assembly, and soldering is done by hand with pride and care.  Therefore please understand that delivery may take 4-6 weeks or longer depening on the number of backorders present.



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