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The Amp Preserver Story

                Hand machined and assembled in USA
If you have a vintage tube amplifier that you are using today, you are most likely running it between 10% and 15% OVER the line voltage that the amp was made to run on.  Look at the power requirements for your vintage tube amp.  Most likely it says:  110 VAC or at most 115 VAC.  Today’s power companies provide much more than that.  Today the average house voltage runs somewhere between 120 and 125 VAC.  So What – you say.  Why should I care?  My amp runs just fine.  There are actually two reasons why you should care, and why you should use the Amp Preserver.

1.  You will get the 'vintage tone' back that you are missing today with higher line voltage.

2.  As a side benefit, your amp will run cooler, your tubes will last longer, and your amp will be much happier running at the voltage is was designed for.

For more details click here:  Amp Preserver

Restore that vintage tone today with the Amp Preserver

Each Amp Preserver is custom made when an order is received.  All metalwork, punching, drilling, assembly, and soldering is done by hand with pride and care.  Therefore please understand that delivery may take 2-3 weeks or longer depending on the number of backorders present.

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