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            And yes, we changed the name from Amp Preserver to Tone Preserver 


 Click on Amp Preserver here to read the review in "The ToneQuest Report" 


 "One of the Tone Preservers I purchased was for my friend G.E. Smith. He picked it up Tuesday and I await his reaction. I used mine last night with my '63 Vibroverb and It's never sounded better.
-  John Peden

        G. E. Smith toured the entire summer of '09 using the Tone Preserver with his white Fender Tremolux in the band "Moon Alice".  G.E. said that with the Tone Preserver he was able to get acceptable voltages in every town. The road crew and the rest of the band could not believe how great he sounded with his amp and the Tone Preserver. 

From another customer:   

     "The unit is superbly built. Absolute quality throughout. Was
     obviously built buy someone who cares and knows his stuff.
     Flawless. Its light, compact, but built like a tank. Tried it with my old amps and the change in tone was very apparent.
     I can only say they sounded Sweeter, Warmer to my ears.
     But no matter what, I'm just happier to run them at era correct voltages.......Carl the builder is one Straight Up guy. 
     A pleasure to deal with. Very Old School. Being an overseas buyer his
     service / packing / shipping were first rate....Just nice to support 
     someone building something (still) in the U.S.A. , rather than being 
     from China. 
     No affiliation with the builder - Just a Happy Customer" 
    - 59TweedVibrolux, Telecaster Amp Central Forum